Monday, December 27, 2010

A Snowman Bento... a little late

Well I made these snowman bentos for Emma and Eryn's lunch back on the 19th. I just didn't get them posted yet. So... a little late.

These are the new Easy Lunchboxes from Easy (I have a banner on the right where you can order your own).  They come in packs of 4 for only $7.95 and I purchased one of the lunch bags so when we go somewhere I can carry more than one at a time. I am going to purchase a second bag soon because they are the perfect size for 2 easy lunchboxes and 2 water bottles each so I can just pack those two bags and have lunch/snack for all 4 of us!

The snowman sandwich is actually salami and colby jack cheese cut with a circle cutter. Then I just laid them together in the box and put two cut pieces of fruit leather around for his scarf. and nose. He has sugar eyes pasted on with peanut butter. The scarf is also secured with peanut butter. She has some organic potato chips in the side as well.

On the left she has cocoa and marshmallow gold fish (they are just adorable) and purple grapes. The banana sat on top of the bento box in her lunch bag. She also had Mott's Apple Juice in a reusable stainless steel cup.

So far I have found these boxes easy to use. The 4 pack comes with different colored lids so each one of us can have a different color. Mine is green, Chris' is blue, Emma's is orange, and Eryn's is red (although she thinks it is pink)

If you are interested in Easy Lunch Boxes just check out the link to the right of my blog.


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