Friday, April 22, 2011

#Home Depot: Picking Out Our Granite... and the girls' field trip to the warehouse

This is the sample of the granite slab we picked out at Home Depot back in March. I have carried this little piece of granite in my purse for a month. Why? Why not?

The girls were both so excited to pick out our granite slab for the kitchen counters. We went Thursday morning and picked out the slab in Jessup, Md which is 1 hour and 45 minutes from us. We measured ourselves and picked the color and paid back in mid-March and the actual granite people could only fit us in to measure professionally this week. They measured Wednesday and Thursday we took our road trip. The picture above is just one of the aisles inside the warehouse. We saw some awesome pieces and some funny ones. We'll show you in just a bit.

 Here is a close up (pardon the flash and the reflection of the lights above).  What we chose is called Azul Platino from Spain. Contrary to the name there is NO blue in it. There are specks of white, black, clear, a look like stainless steel and just a hint of pale green. No blue. Someone was color blind.
Honestly though, this wasn't my first choice. I really wanted Carerra Marble after my idol Sarah Richardson, but alas. Marble isn't as strong as granite and the sales lady said it would stain easier. Hence, my husband said no way. Below is my beloved marble. :o(  I may get him to agree to a master bath vanity in marble. Maybe.... that's at least a year in the future so I have time to soften him up.

Here are some interesting things we saw. I don't know what this one is actually called but Emma said it looked like raw meat with snot in the middle. The mind of a 6 year old.
 This one was so neat! It actually looked like it swirled around almost like water. You can't really tell from the picture though.

This one looks like and feels like a tree. It is completely textured. I have no idea where you would use this because it was so bumpy a pot or pan would not be able to sit level at all.

 Two very excited girls who LOVED seeing all the "pretty rocks".
 A beautiful slab made from amethyst (my birth stone).  They had it lit up from beneath to show you could install it that way I guess.
 Blue agate slab lit from beneath. Where would you put this?
 This was brown agate. Much more variation.
 A close up of the amethyst. Isn't is beautiful? I still have no idea where we'd ever use something like this.

 Two crazy girls standing in front of our future kitchen counter top.
 Here is our actual slab. That is my brother, husband and Emma you see. Miss Eryn is in front of my husband. You can only see a small dot of her pink jacket.
 Again, my granite. We chose this one because we wanted to go with a counter that was as light as possible because we are going to use Rustoleum's Cabinet Transformations to make our cabinets white and we are painting the bulk head above the cabinets a pale tan. We aren't 100% sure what tile we are doing as a backsplash but we know it will be tile. Thus... me having a piece of granite in my purse for a month.

We go back to Home Depot either this evening or tomorrow to finalize everything and then our counter will take 1 week to be cut/polished and then they will come install. I am SO excited to have a fine counter top. I've never had anything other than laminate in any house I've ever lived in (married or as a child). 


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