Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Bedroom Neglected Finally Gets Curtains + a little more

We have thought about and painted our bedroom 3 times since we have moved in 4 1/2 years ago. When we first moved in it had 3 walls a yellow cream color and one long wall a 1990's mauve. Well.... that had a to real quick.

We ended up painting the mauve wall a turquoise color and leaving the other 3.

After a year we couldn't handle the turquoise and couldn't figure out what to do. So we painted the entire room a gray. Unfortunately, it was a mid to dark gray and I couldn't get inspired.

This past year we painted the room a tan color that I can only say looks EXACTLY like the caramel icing color you get in the can. I even held up the can and checked. YUP! It matches. I LOVE the color but just couldn't figure out what else to do.  This picture is the small corner between the large wall (on the left) and the closet door on the right.
Here is my empty window before. Don't judge on the broken up blinds. These are the original builder blinds from 15 years ago and they are pretty much dry rotted. As soon as I find something I love to replace them, they are GONE!
I finally decided on something. Curtains and lamps. My mother and I went shopping at Marshall's where I found two awesome graphic lamps that I just LOVE!

This is our random night stand on my husband's side for now. It is a wood filing cabinet. I don't love it there but it works until I find two pieces that fit the room perfectly. This picture is taken at night with just this lamp on.
 This picture is taken with the lamp and our overhead light on at the same time. Still night time though. Don't you just love the graphic print? I do!
 This one is on my side of the bed. I have an IKEA end table that was originally purchased for our oldest daughter's room when we moved into this house but it doesn't fit in her room. Therefore, it is my make shift night stand until I fall in love with something.
 Here are my cream curtains. You can tell they aren't ironed. I was in too much of a hurry to finally get them up and check them out that they didn't see the steam yet. I will take them down and iron... eventually. :o)

 Here is a close up of the cross design in the fabric. I like that it is a heavy cream color so it doesn't look to "white" against the caramel walls.

I also found some great cream curtains.

I want a feature wall of trim like the dear people at Rambling Renovators Bedroom

But I am keeping my caramel color on the other walls. I might even keep in between the molding caramel as well. Haven't decided yet. What do you think? Trim out the wall in white and keep the large sections caramel or paint the entire feature wall white with the trim and leave the other 3 caramel?


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