Saturday, January 14, 2012

Labeled Glass Pantry Jars & a Vinyl Transfer Tutorial

I love all things labeled and pretty. If I had more time to a day I'd have everything labeled in my entire life but alas my OCD must go untapped since there are only 24 hours in a day and I need to sleep some time, or so my husband says.

I originally had these Tupperware organizers but wanted a more sleek, updated look where I could clearly see when I needed more ingredients instead of the little peak a boo window.

I found these great glass jars at Target. The largest ones (they hold a gallon) are a little under $6, the medium size around $5 and the small ones are under $5. I purchased a bunch of each a little at a time each week. Yeah, I totally go to Target every week! I LURVE Target just a little! Oh and I got those blue cups for our camping trips for around $2 on clearance! Score!

I washed the jars and let them dry thoroughly. Can't have all those cute ingredients gunking up the bottom can we?

I purchased really cute custom labels from Say It on the Wall, since I have yet to get my Silhouette Cameo. Anyone listening and wish to purchase one for me, my birthday is in 2 1/2 weeks! :o) You will also need your favorite music like my Glee station on Pandora Radio.

It is really easy to put vinyl on anything. First, rub with all your might, or a Petco gift card so that the vinyl sticks to the transfer paper. Then slowly at an angle peel the vinyl off the backing.

Situate the vinyl and transfer paper combo to the glass jar. 
Press with fingers on top of the vinyl. Then slowly, very slowly peel the transfer paper off, pressing the vinyl down if/when needed.
I pressed down on the vinyl again after the transfer paper was off just to make sure it stayed down and was secure.

Then just fill with your favorite ingredients and place somewhere really cute.
The orange scoops are freebies I've gotten from Tupperware parties. They don't measure but they are great for filling a measuring cup or just dumping things in. I never always measure  my rice, don't you?

Hope this little tutorial helps and happy vinyling. :o) That's a word right? Ha Ha. Tip Junkie handmade projects


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