About Us

I am a 32 year old mother of 2 girls and a full time teacher. I have a masters degree in Educational Leadership and will have my administrator's certificate this school year. My husband is also a teacher. He teaches at the high school level.

I met my husband when I transfered from our local community college to the larger college in the area to pursue my teaching degree. We were friends for a few months and began dating July 1st, 2001.  We got engaged that Christmas and bought our first house the following summer. I lived at home and he lived in our new house while we fixed it up. Little did we know that a 100 year old, very small farmhouse wasn't going to last us longer than 3 years. We were married on May 31, 2003 and had our first daughter, Emma, on July 7, 2004.

We currently live in our 2nd house with our little girls and our 2 cats and 2 dogs. We are both working full time and are super busy. Our squishy #1 is now 9 and in the gifted program in school. She loves school and does math field day practice twice a week, violin practice twice a week, the social studies and science fair and that's all before Christmas. Our squishy #2 is in kindergarten this year and just started girl scouts. We only meet twice a month but that is enough!

We are working on our house, planning around our meager budget and time and enjoying life! Welcome to our journey, hope you enjoy the ride.


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