Friday, January 14, 2011

Our New Lunchbots Bento Boxes

We have been looking at the stainless steel lunchbots for some time now. I think I had held off because they can't be put into the microwave. Then I stopped and thought... how much do we really put food in them that need to be microwaved anyway? Well, we don't!

I do not love our plastic bentos only because I am always afraid of them leaching plastic. I know the ones we purchase are BPA free but I always have that irrational fear.

We ordered a lunchbots duo and uno from Amazon and had them in 2 days. I then filled one for Emma to take to school and one for Eryn to use at home with Grandma.

This top one with the blue lid is the duo. It has a divider in the center. The card that came with the bento box says that the divider is not liquid tight. On the left we have red seedless grapes with a small pink dog pick and Snikiddy chedder cheese fries. The right side has sliced deli turkey with a yellow elephant pick. The pink silicone cup holds 1/2 a Shaklee Cinch Peanut Butter Crunch Snack Bar
Eryn has the same thing in her bento box as well just not with the metal divider. This orange bento is done using the Lunchbots Uno.

Honestly I like the Duo better for regular lunches since the divider helps contain the small items. I think a little 1/2 sandwich and Snikiddy fries might fit into the Uno.

We ordered a larger one and three smaller Lunchbots for snacks. Can't wait for them to come!


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