Saturday, January 1, 2011

Organizing: Day 1- the Kitchen Junk Drawer

Well, well day 1 of the 21 Days to Getting Organized Challenge was the junk drawer. We actually have 4.  Both drawers in the kitchen island, the drawer in the computer desk and the actual "junk" drawer in the kitchen. I chose our true "junk" drawer which has been labeled as such since we moved in.

I actually had an organizer in there when we first moved in but as we had people over for the holidays and have been remodeling the living/dining room things just got shoved in there.

As you can see there is a white organizer WAY down there.

I took everything out and wiped down the drawer. Then I wiped down the organizer as best as you can (it is 5 years old and cheap plastic).  I plan on a nicer one later when I do my "organizing container" shopping later this month.

After throwing out a ton of old pens/pencils and just junk, my oldest daughter got the spare change and I put everything neatly back into the organizer.

See my strange obsession with binder clips? I am a 2nd grade teacher and married to a high school social studies teacher so that might have something to do with it!



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