Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Decorations Take 2

This is a white shelf above our piano in our living room. I put the fake snow into the two glass containers and put silver, blue and white balls into the shorter one. I tucked greens around the pieces. The plates are purple in the back and blue in the front on a silver plate stand. The cute little reindeer came from Michael's 1/2 off at only $4.99! I bought 2! The tall container has long silver ornaments hung from it that have little crystals at the end. I finished it off with berries poked in and a small Christmas candle holder. There are a few snowflake ornaments hanging from the hooks. I had this dream for two shelves but didn't get it finished. The picture is printed out and the bottom support pieces purchased to make this happen on a different wall. Look for that post later this month as I create that masterpiece. LOL

My Very Own Cloche

My mother gave me a brass clock from when my parents were first married. It had stopped working but sat lonely on my bookcase. I bit the bullet and took it apart to create my own cloche.

All I had to do was take the three bolts in the bottom out and the clock part fell out. Since the whole thing is glass nothing else had to be done. Voila... a cloche.
Piece of cloche cake! Don't you with all DIY's were this easy?


The Christmas Mantle and Decorations... a little late

I know, I know... it's after Christmas but things were a little crazy here at Pembroke Lane before. School was in session until Dec. 23rd and we had my in-laws over to do our Christmas celebration on the 24th. So it's been nuts!

Here are my lovely Christmas decorations. This being the first year I've had a fire place it was quite fun decorating. I took down all the decorations this morning so they are all naked. *shh don't tell anyone*

I actually added two smaller triangular trees to the right in a gold/silver mix to even out the height a bit.  I am still missing a beautiful mirror for the top so it looks a bit plain. But... here are the details of my first attempt.
I had a dark bamboo mat that was a table runner but WAY too big for my table. I folded the edges over and under to fit my fireplace and built my entire centerpiece on top of it. The three snowflake came from a shop in Hershey Park when we went a few weeks ago. I have seen the same ones at either Target or Walgreens, can't seem to remember which.
The greens are a HUGE swag my mother gave me. The greens have a burgundy ribbon, burgundy grapes? and some brown/goldish leaves. I wound it around the tall silver tree I purchased last year at Pier 1.

Two of the snowflakes were completely silver while the middle one was gold and silver.

The two small reindeer were present from my mom last year so I'm not sure where she got them from. I just purchased a beautiful gold reindeer that is much larger at Kohl's after Christmas sale for $8 to add to it for next year. 

I also made a cloche that ended up having a gold pillar candle in it. In this shot it still has my votive with red beads in it.

This is my front entry table. I added three hanging pine cone stars to the mirror. I purchased those at the Christmas tree store 1/2 price the day after Christmas. The small pine cone tree was a gift from my mother last year. The angel is from Hallmark and was a Christmas present from my husband last year. The country tree was purchased at the Kris Kringle craft show at Hagerstown Community College in November. This table is the first thing you see upon entering my house. It is on the left immediately after my front door.


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