Saturday, January 15, 2011

Organizing: Day 11 The Freezer

We have two freezers, one in our kitchen attached to our refrigerator and one in the garage. You cannot currently get to the one in the garage because we are in the process of cleaning out/ remodeling the garage and the soon to be 4th bedroom. Because of that, we have tools, drywall, wooden boards, trim, etc all over the garage. We also have a ton of my parents' things from their store that closed in September we are storing for them so I just couldn't even go there.

The freezer inside however was a completely different story. It had stuff almost falling out of it. Here is our interesting BEFORE:

Dear goodness I am embarrassed to even put that out there. But in the name of all things organized we are pushing forward.

The first thing I did was put everything out onto the counters and clean the freezer with some Basic H2 .
 Here is the freezer all nice and completely cleaned out.

Next I put some baskets in that I purchased from the Dollar Tree for $1.00 each.

The bottom white wire drawer now holds whip cream, some cheese, and some applesauce and blackberries we froze from our local Orr's Farm Market this summer.

The purple basket above it holds all the meat in this freezer. The deep freezer in the garage holds all the other meat. We just bring in some meat whenever this freezer is getting really low so we don't have to go out and grab it. I know... lazy.

The next basket holds breads and veggies. The tator tots wouldn't fit in the basket and they were being used tonight for dinner so I just rolled them up and put them next to the basket. After tonight they won't be there.

The basket above it holds all our desserts. It has the smoothie items, our frozen fruit, the kids frozen fruit pops and my chocolate ice cream. 

The door baskets hold some frozen juice, corn polenta and some peaches we froze from the farm market.
Overall, a very nice redo.

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Organizing Day 8: The Coat Closet

Well.... what a nasty thing our coat closet turned out to be. Dear goodness I was shocked to finally take a look!

This is the top where the coats are hung every which way and junk is piled up on top. Not too bad right? Well, just look at the bottom.

Cat not included! :o) She thought it would be neat to investigate. She didn't stay long. Not even Claws wants to fight the mess.

All the coats are out and some of the junk off the top.

Oh my goodness this is what is left on the bottom (and no that isn't my Christmas tree still up. I bought a cute little tree that was just decorated with some greens and flowers so we are keeping it up all year. It is a fancy decoration)  Not at all because I want to keep up some kind of tree all year long and no there are no ornaments on it.

We pulled out all the coats and some junk. Look the guitar for the Wii was in there....
This was the bin that used to hold gift bags and ribbon and such. Obviously it didn't survive.

All the bags I pulled off of the top of the basket when we pulled it out. We had a picnic blanket and some more board games I thought I had picked out and organized in the hallway linen closet the other day.

Still more stuff in it! When will it all end?

All swept out. I even found a glass top for a small table in there. I had NO idea that was in there!

The coats are now hung up from largest in the back to smallest in the front. Much better.

This section has a 3 drawer organizer, the wrapper paper organizer and my yoga mat.

The organizer has bows and ribbon in the top drawer, gift bags in the second drawer, and more gift bags, a few boxes and the tissue paper in the bottom drawer.

On the shelf above the coats is the basket with our workout jump ropes, weights, and elastic bands.

In the middle is the purple container with scarfs on the left and gloves on the right.

The last basket has all of our winter hats. We had 12! Who has 12 hats? Apparently us.

At the bottom are our winter boots and an overnight bag that Emma uses when she spends the night with Grandma.

The entire closet makeover cost just $14! The plastic wrapping paper organizer I already had. The 3 drawer organizer came from Wal-Mart for $11 and the 3 containers at the top on the shelf came from the Dollar Tree for $1.00 each for a combined total of just $14! Not bad for a much needed closet redo.

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Organizing Day 9: The Toys!

Luckily we organized most of the toys for the girls in each of their rooms a long time ago.

Some of the baskets are even labeled.

BUT.... we do have a kitchen in the middle of our living room that looks absolutely horrible

I found an adorable little red basket to put the fake food in and wiped down the whole thing with my Basic H
and started purging random things the girls had thrown in there.
I put the basket to the left of the little kitchen so when you first walk into my entry you don't see it. Also, there is a little more room on that side under the little counter top so it fits a little better.

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