Monday, April 18, 2011

The Easter Dresses, a Burnt Wrist and No Sleep

Let me explain this lovely title by saying there are no Easter dresses with sleeves to be found anywhere. My opinion is my own and I in no way want anyone to think that I am trying to say everyone should do as I do. However, our church believes that there should be sleeves in clothing for both men and women combined and I grew up always wearing at least short sleeves.

With that said, I cannot find Easter dresses that have anything more than tank top sleeves. I know you can buy shrugs, etc to cover up the sleeves and Emma has done that last year as well as Eryn. But.... the now 3 1/2 year old hates anything she thinks is a jacket and tears it off immediately. It doesn't help that church is always freezing and Eryn is currently sick.

So, with all that in mind I set out to make the girls' Easter dresses this year. Of course, they picked out the fabric and I still have all week so I might make a second set and we'll vote on which ones get worn Sunday morning. I'm not a huge fan of this fabric as it is extremely bright but at $2.00 a yard and the girls' best pick I said yes.
Here is the carnage of my table. No that isn't my telescope, Emma tried to see the stars but it was too cloudy so it ended up on the kitchen table for some reason or another. I purchased a bunch of patterns off of Etsy and tried to make Emma's dress first. Here is the pattern and scrap carnage on my table.
First thing that happened was I turned on the iron to press the fabric as I sewed. Less than 1 minute later I accidentally brushed against it and burned my wrist pretty bad.
Here is the dress after I finished most of it Friday night, very late so not much sleep. Also, with Eryn being sick I haven't slept much because she hasn't slept much. Therefore, I am in great need of a nap. I hung it my bathroom on the hook so Eryn wouldn't see it since it was Emma's dress.
Sad part happened when Emma tried it on Saturday morning only to discover it was too small. It seems the pattern I purchased didn't have the measurements right. Emma is a size 10 and I made a 12 just to be sure she had some wiggle room. Following the pattern precisely made it just a hair too small. So.... I altered it to fit Eryn and finished it for her. Here is Eryn now wearing the same dress after I changed it a bit and added her black lace, sleeves, button, pocket and oh yeah, hemmed it too.


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