Saturday, February 5, 2011

30th Birthday and a Little Video Love

So this week has been crazy with my students getting ready for the Super Bowl and of course this week is always my birthday week. Yesterday, February 4th, I turned the big 30.  Trust me I have now dealt with all that comes with that change and even had a good cry and chest pains to boot. My family threw me a party at my mother's house and did lots of special things. I had a cake shaped like a camera, my birthday announced on the radio and my husband made an awesome video for my family.

I thought all his hard work needs to be seen again so I am posting it here.

It has been very hard realizing I am now 30. It isn't that it seems old just I wasn't ready to be that age yet. Strange huh? Anyone else have an emotional birthday milestone? Does it get easier?

On the bright side I asked for Lowes gift cards so now I'm at least a happy 30 year old.


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