Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Craziness and Adorable Holiday Milk Bottles

So in the event of saving tears time, I will explain what happened in the kitchen. I will just direct you to the post HERE about the dishwasher. Lucky for us, I was able to fix it quickly and it is now working very well and beautiful to boot!

Pardon the fingerprints. The 4 year old likes to help "load" the dishwasher now.

We have a Christmas gathering for my husband's side of the family each year at Christmas Eve. For the last five years it has been at our house. We got off at 12 on Friday from work and hurried like crazy busy bees to finish everything. Saturday we had two other places to go before our party that night so we were totally wiped excited by the time ours came.

In the middle of it all, I also decided to make all of our Christmas gifts for adults. I made cake balls, coconut/dark chocolate cookies, peppermint bark, peanut butter cups, and peppermint patties. Here is what my peppermint bark looked like but I didn't think like a blogger a head because I didn't take pictures of anything else.

We also didn't put up a large tree this year because well, we didn't have one! Our fake one died last year and we never found one after Christmas shopping. I found this adorable 4 foot one and we were going to put it on the porch until we realized we didn't have one this year and it became our tree inside. We gagged  refused when we saw that Michael's wanted $229 for a 6 1/2 foot fake one.

I showed them though. I bought it at 80% off after Christmas for next year. It has colored lights which seems so retro to me but the girls thought it was awesome. We left it up for a few days just so we could saw we had a tree up.

I made some adorable milk bottles from Starbucks frappuccino glass bottles using some great printables from HERE . It is from Shindig Parties on Etsy! I love Etsy!

Step 1: Drink Frappuccino :o)

Step 2: Wash out bottle

Step 3: Soak bottle in soapy water for about 20 minutes to loosen up the labels.

Step 4: Peel off the labels (there are 2) and use Goof Off or Goo Be Gone on any residue that remains.

Step 5: Wash again in hot, soapy water or your dishwasher.

Step 6: Cut out adorable labels from Etsy and tape around bottle

Step 7: Put coordinating straw in and enjoy!

They were also good Christmas morning with apple juice while Daddy made pancakes!


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