Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recycle Bank Green Your Home Contest

Join Recycle bank HERE to earn points and get coupons and learn about making our Earth a better place! I love using recycle bank because even though our neighborhood does not pick up our recyclables we are able to earn points with surveys, games, etc.  I have earned FREE Happy Baby product coupons, FREE Coke coupons and more!

Right now, Recycle Bank is have a "Green Your Home" contest for April. Simply click HERE and click on the different rooms to learn ways you can save energy, reduce your costs, and recycle. Then click the link that says "earn points".  I earned over 100 points today only!

With the contest you can win FREE Energy Star kitchen appliances worth over $18,000!

Sign up for Recycle Bank first before clicking the Green Your Home link. It is easier that way. Registration is FREE


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