Monday, January 2, 2012

Valentine's Day Mantle

I took all the Christmas decorations down (left up some snow ones), and decided I needed to LOVE my mantle. Out came all the holiday floral and reindeer and in went some pinks, hearts, a candlestick and more hearts!

The two glass jars are from Michael's last year and all the other hearts: Michael's as well. The hearts are pretty easy to imitate. Just take a heart cut out of cardboard or wood (also found at your local hobby store) and cover in glue and drizzle with sequins or beads. It won't be as 3-D looking as these but it will do in a pinch. You can also find Christmas ornaments and rip things off of them to create hearts. Trust me. It's wrong but it works.

I have some snowflakes that were christmas ornaments tucked in here and there. The candle stick was purchased at Marshall's a few years ago. A little ribbon and some off-white Partylite candles and shazzam! It is now Valetine's ified. :o)

The "Wish" was a Kohl's after Christmas sale about 2 years ago. I use this for my Christmas/Winter mantle and it stays up for Valentine's day. It sometimes comes back out for the girls' birthday parties depending on the themes.

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