Monday, May 16, 2011

The Evolution of a Granite Kitchen Counter top

We began our journey to a granite counter top in March of this year. We went to Home Depot and Lowes and researched prices and colors. I originally wanted Carerra Marble but hubby told me no it would crack too easily. So... I wanted a light color but one that would work well with light off-white or white cabinets and a darker hardwood floor (when we eventually install it). 

We ended up picking this:

The granite has very light off white and clear crystals with some silvery sparkly ones with a some black. We thought it would be a great balance with the very light cabinets we were going to paint but not be too dark either.

The next step was to have the Granite man come and measure. He measured and then we drove an hour 1/2 away to pick out our actual slab. The girls had a blast!
Next we went back into Home Depot and finalized all the details.

Then we waited for the stone company to call us with our date and then we waited. About 3 weeks total. Last night and well ALL day Sunday, hubby and I worked on our kitchen to rip out the old counter top, sink, and ensure all cabinets were level.

This afternoon, the men brought our pretty stone out and installed it. We have since put the stove and fridge back and I have started in on the faucet. We are not really supposed to "use" the counter for 24 hours so we will finish installing the kitchen plumbing and the dishwasher tomorrow after school.

We have not finished the cabinets, floor, back splash, or purchased new appliances but one day this kitchen will be 100% finished. Probably not until next year but I'll go with what I can.

The kitchen cabinets are going to be done in Rustoleum's Cabinet Restore in a Linen with a light glaze while I think we may do an off-white subway tile as a back splash.

Finished pictures should be up end of June or beginning of July.  We do things in steps. The floor will not be done until end of the year or next spring. :o(


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