Sunday, January 2, 2011

Glee Gum Kit Giveaway at Our Frugal Future

Click HERE to go to Our Frugal Future (my money saving blog) and enter to win a Make Your Own Kit from Glee Gum. You can choose the kit you win from: Make your own Chocolate, Make your own Gum, or Make your own Gummies.

The giveaway ends January 23rd at 11:59 p.m.

The "Winter" Mantle.... HELP! Plus a little Christmas Clearance Love

Alright well the Christmas mantle came down and I'm working on a mantle decor that I can keep up from January through maybe March.  You know...a SNOW theme. Well, here is what I've got going so far. I've thrown all this together and no most of it doesn't look good. If I had found a mirror for the wall it would help me visualize but I'm still on the search.

So what do you think? The baskets yes or no? I love the glass look but I did already take down the cloche so I could move around some other things. The girls just love the lights with the white over it and I like the Wish saying as we always WISH for snow in this house. We're both teachers remember.

The "Wish" was found on clearance at Kohl's for less than $6 and look at my new tree! We are keeping this baby up all year and just decorating it a little extra for each holiday. It was $32 at Marshall's. Now I NEVER spend that much money on anything but finding this it just screamed at me. I'm SO glad I bought it. My husband likes it and the girls are just nuts over the idea of having a lighted tree up all year.

Am I crazy for doing it? It is only about 4 feet tall and in that adorable little stand. It isn't Christmasy with a kind of lime green theme so I'm hoping to pass it off all year.


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