Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Squishy #1's New Captains Bed and a little Craigslist Love

Well poor Squishy #1 had a loft bed with a built in dresser, bookcase and desk and she hated it! Actually she just hated being so far up in the air with a huge (to her unusable space beneath). So, we broke down and found her a great Captains bed on Craigslist. She can still have 3 drawers for her underclothing, socks, and pajamas but she can sit on the floor instead of the ceiling. 

Here is her "new" Captains Bed. Notice mommy got stuck underneath Squishy #1 and Squishy #2 who thought it was fun to lay on top of mommy. 

Squishy #1 hasn't decided whether she'd like the bed painted white to match the bookcases and small desk we just moved in or not. She said she'd decide after we did the faux board and batten. 

As long as she lets mommy live long enough to do the work. It's rough with two little Squishies!

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