Saturday, December 11, 2010

Living Room Boxes Part 1: The Painted Wall

Well I just couldn't wait to start on our living room boxes so Sunday afternoon and evening I painted part of our living room (our house is a huge open area with living room, dining room and kitchen all together).  I stopped painted at the end of the living room window right next to the piano so I can finish next weekend and no one will notice (much).

See how under my windows there just isn't enough room for a box. The entire measurement is only around 8-9 inches. I hope it doesn't look strange with no boxes under the windows but the windows are just so HUGE!

Hubby and I measured 36 inches from the floor up the wall and marked with a pencil. Then I painted the bottom trim and bottom part of the wall white.

 The beginning of change. Already I can tell it will make a difference.

I know without the trim it looks funky but with just the white wall section against the fireplace and white painted entertainment center we're starting to go places. The trim pieces will get cut today and hopefully nailed in tomorrow with my new toy
Ahhhh.... tool love!

I'll post the rest of our living room transformation as we finish up!

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