Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vinyl Trim LOVE and a little lovin' for Home Depot

I searched everywhere for the infamous "picture molding" that is all over the blogisphere! My usual favorite Lowes had everything but! If they had vinyl molding they hide it VERY well. My only option there was primed pine molding at $1.05 a foot.

Tonight at Home Depot (my new favorite!)  I found a whole aisle of vinyl molding! They had a 12 foot piece of vinyl casing for only $8.79! For anyone who is looking for it is item # 070673836879 and is called Basecap 12'.  That works out to only $.73 a foot! Whoo hoo!

We purchased just one piece to "test" it out at our house. We will be buying more once I thoroughly measure and figure out just how much we need for our "boxes".

I have pulled the paint out and the paint brush but we also have Eclipse tonight from the Redbox so I am thinking the paintbrush and lovely paint can will sit idle until tomorrow after church when Eryn takes her nap and Emma can sit and read. They have previously been known as Squishy #1 and Squishy #2 but my brother said that sounded stupid and since we all know little brothers are always right (ha ha ha) I have decided maybe to change it. So Emma is our 6 year old and Eryn is our 3 year old. I'll fill you in on more details later.

Pictures of the actual molding to follow with posts about our living room wall redo!

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