Thursday, January 6, 2011

Organizing: Day 5 Under The Kitchen Sink

I will be completely honest. I almost didn't do this one. I am so tired and sore from our workout last night that I thought it's alright if I skip a day. Well, no it isn't! I am not giving up on this one. I WILL do all 21 days even if my body yells OUCH every time I lean down.

I guess I can count this as an extra workout since I'm already screaming in pain. Right? Maybe not.

I pulled out all the strange stuff underneath like a disgusting pink bowl I use to put water in to hand mop the floor as well as the end cap piece to our counter top we installed. Maybe I will actually get that piece installed.

I pulled out our two small recycling bins that we NEVER use (we do recycle just the big blue ones in our "trash" closet not under the sink). And of course the random vase? I have no idea how that got down there.

I wiped everything down and put the cleaning supplies back (only until our Shaklee items come: I will tell all about that very soon Thanks Toni!)

And then it is organized. I am still debating as to what to do with the gray bins which is why they are still under the sink. Since they are clean and have never been used for their actual purpose I might use them to hold something else in our pantry on a shelf (maybe).

I swear that is not dirt on the left of the gray bins. My kitchen has horrible lighting and that is just a shadow under the sink. I do need to get some wire wall baskets like Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons. I think I may just go out and pick some up tomorrow evening after work.

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