Monday, January 23, 2012

Autumn/ Fall Themed Child's Birthday Party

I am tremendously late in posting my youngest child's birthday. Her birthday is October 12th and we had our party the 16th. 3 months late isn't bad right? Thanks, I feel better now.

This was my attempt at taking pictures for her invitation. It didn't work out well and I used an adorable picture of pumpkins instead. She has the worst "fake" smile but she's still cute anyway. At least I think so.

I bought hay bales from our local nursery and used three on my porch and three to tear apart for the hayride.

I made orange/vanilla cupcakes with orange infused butter cream frosting. I got the cupcake wrappers from Michael's. I totally forgot to take a picture of the food table but at least I got the cupcake table. Honestly, isn't it only the desserts that matter anyway? :o) I thought so too!

I purchased a vinyl birthday banner to use year after year for both girls. Here is Eryn's. It is quite large at over 3 feet long.

The handmade blocks were done by my mother. She made the bottom block double sided with my other daughter's name on it so we can just turn them around. She hasn't set up an official shop anywhere yet but if you want to send me an email I can get prices and info. I do know that they are wood and she hand paints, sands and decorates each block.
She made these cute blocks for her birthday to sit on her shelf. Eryn just loves princesses and requested these blocks.

The hayride was the trailer pulled by my father in law. My husband and brother rode along as chaperones. The hayride went just around our development which is a private area so all parties involved were totally safe as only one major road goes out into the town and all the rest are just quiet little streets with no exit to the main road.

The kids loved it, especially Eryn.
Her older sister liked the ride as well.
After she opened presents and cards she dressed up in a Disney princess dress just because so she could eat her cupcake.
She had some difficulties using the gloves to eat her cupcake but she eventually just took them off.

All in all her party was a success. She put back on her party dress in the end and took a few pictures with her baby doll on the front porch.

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