Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pink and Yellow Ikea Klippan Dyed Couch Slipcovers + a Tutorial

We have two Ikea couches and absolutely LOVE our Klippans. We have the 4 seater Klippan sofa and absolutely adore it. We also love it and that the natural covers are pretty cheap at times to purchase. You can see the pink cover we dyed lying on the chair behind the 4 seater couch.

We also have the Klippan loveseat 2 seater.  We originally purchased one and dyed it pink for my daughter's birthday. This is truer to the color than the picture above of our pink cover. This was using 2 bottles of Fuchsia on the 2 seat loveseat cover.

We also wanted to dye a cover dark gray but didn't/couldn't find any black in liquid form at the time and used the powdered gray. It totally didn't work out well. You can see in the picture from this post HERE from last time we talked about dying that it looked too blue.

Well, we bleached that one with a gallon of bleach and lots of rinse water in the bath tub.
We rinsed and rinsed the cover and even did a quick wash in the washing machine to make sure there was no residue of bleach left to mess with our new color.
Then we put two bottles of golden yellow and 1/2 a bottle of sunshine orange into the water.
We then put our freshly washed cover into the water and let it soak. We constantly came back and moved the fabric around to ensure it was all covered with dye.
This picture doesn't do it true justice but we LOVE it with our new curtains and curtain rods.

So now we have a dark gray couch and a yellow loveseat and we just LOVE them both!

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