Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Dirty Garage Door!

All of us who "DIY" things that you get dirty! The floor gets dirty, your clothes get dirty, and usually your entire garage or craft room. For me, most of the real dirty work gets done in the garage since we have no craft room.

Today is a snow day (yeah!) and I decided to put away some tools I had still floating around the house here, there and everywhere. As I was putting away the tools I reached for the garage door and what do I see? EEEEWWWWWW! Just look at that door! I don't even want to know how long that has been that way (and please don't tell me if you know).

 After I gasped and shivered at the sight, I grabbed my bottle of Shaklee H2 (mixed for the all-purpose cleaner) and sprayed away. A little wipe with a rag and voila!

Now that it is so clean I find myself seeing the horrible paint job the previous owners did and wondering if I should repaint my garage door too! Great! Now I've got one more DIY project. 
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  1. found u on a facebook link love and I am your newest follower. Would love u to check out my blog at
    thanks Amber

  2. What a remarkable change it does to your garage door! The products helped you so much in saving for the repaint. Look at it now! It looks as clean as a newly painted door. Moms really know best! =)

  3. Wow, I can't see any black spot after you used that all-purpose cleaner on your garage door. Does it also work effectively for walls? I'd like to try that for the black spots and smears on my room wall.



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