Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Organization Station + a FREE Printable Calendar

I first saw this great idea on House of Hepworths and then went to check it out on A Bowl Full of Lemons. Here is my own take on the great organization station.

I started off with my messy counter. Don't judge me it isn't pretty. Everything gets dumped on the counter when we get home. Everything also gets piled there when we clean off the kitchen table. Yup, more than one place to drop your stuff.

I took everything off and trashed some of it. I put the Christmas decorations back in the new red box I purchased in the garage and put the tools back in the garage too. I put the toys back in the bin in the girl's rooms and then  threw away any outdated coupons or empty envelopes.

Then I sprayed the counter top down with my new Shaklee Basic H

Then I took a file box from Target (my favorite store) and hanging file folders and the sticky tabs from Post it and created my own organization station. I also used the FREE printable calendar from SWITCHEROOm She will email you the printable calendar when you comment on the post. It is adorable I promise.

I put the binder clips on to hold up the calendar and filled the box with the following categories:

1. Bills (ones from the mail I need to pay)
2. Coupons (ones I print out, newspaper inserts, and ones that come in the mail)
3. Shaklee (anything from the mail, pending orders, etc)
4. Chris (anything paper wise he has dumped on the counter)
5. Emma (anything school or project related she has)
6. To File (bills already paid or things from the mail I need to file)

I have no file for myself or Eryn because my file is mostly the Bills/ Coupons section and well Eryn is three and she doesn't go to school so no papers for her. I need to add a PTA/ School file for myself since I do a lot at the school I teach at and want to keep it organized.
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  2. Ok, I have that same calendar and I hung it up on a frame with those same when I saw this pic, I had a weird thought that somehow a pic of my calendar in my kitchen got online! How crazy am I? I feel calmer just looking at your organized space. nice!

    Have you joined my giveaway for a free painting? I hope you can!

  3. The file with printable calendars is a good idea. I think it helps to identify the files which and when inserted.



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