Saturday, March 26, 2011

(#NSNation!) My Nutrisystem Breakfast Experience

I was chosen by Nutrisystem to be a #NSNation blogger for a 10 day program. I received the frozen package of 10 breakfasts, 10 lunches, 10 dinners and 10 snacks. All frozen. Thank goodness I have an extra freezer in the garage and that was only for 10 days!

Disclaimer: DO NOT LOOK AT THE KITCHEN BEHIND THE FOOD. We are tearing down our back splash for granite counters and glass tile we are going to install. The kitchen does look that horrible right now but will look much better by July. (our intended 100% finish date)

Here is the entire package and then I'll go through and explain our first post: BREAKFAST

I had pancakes, french toasts, ham & cheese omelets, breakfast burritos, and garden veggie omelets. 

My favorite was ...
With the ham and cheese omelet you can still have a dairy and a fruit so I was able to have yogurt and grapes with my omelet. It wasn't too salty but gave you just the right amount of cheesy ham goodness to hit the spot!

Stay tuned for our 2nd post regarding lunches! They do have some good ones!

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