Saturday, November 27, 2010

The New Fireplace = Craiglist Love + a Newly Painted Wall.

I LOVE Craigslist! I mean I adore that site! I must check it out at least twice a day. I have recently been on a Craigslist splurge which the Hubs and Bro are not too thrilled about! Who has to lug it all around? Yup! Them!

I have been wanting a fire place for EVER and found on one Craigslist for $300. Yeah it was propane and I have no propane connection, yeah it was HUGE and I had no place yet to put it. But hey, yup. I got it. I actually got it for only $250 too! I was going to convert it to gel until I went to the house it previously belonged to and they whipped out a remote. Yup, a remote. After seeing all it could do I thought I'd be a fool to rip all that temperature controlled heat blowing goodness out of the fireplace and replace with nothing more than a glorified candle.
Next came the sale of our Ikea entertainment center. I sold that (with a bit of drama) and still had two tall white bookcases. I knew I wanted to use them in Squishy #1's room so I moved one in and put the other one in the hallway. In the MIDDLE of the hallway!

Yup... I'm just a bundle of fun! 
Here is what I sold:

Here is what I bought, complete with entire contents of entertainment center on top (temporarily of course).  It is still not hooked up (I need to call the propane guy) but it is beautiful! 

I thought it blended in with the wall too much so I decided to paint the wall behind it the same shade as the rest of our living room. After that the fire place looks MUCH better. Don't ya think? 

But.... I still think our entire walls look too *nekid (not a word) so I want to do picture molding and paint the bottom 1/2 white with chair rail. Yeah me!

And... it gives me an excuse to use my new nail gun! SCORE!

Now I have purchased a corner entertainment center to put all the A/V equipment on/in.  We eventually want to hang the LCD in the corner above it but for now it will sit on top of it. (After I finish painting it. That's happening today!)


  1. Lucky you I am as we speak swooning over a cute lil flickering electric fireplace.The progress in your home is great so far!

  2. thank you! I couldn't have been able to afford to get a fire place unless I found one on Craigslist. I am SO happy to finally have one.



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