Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh the Simple Things: The New Outside Light That Isn't New

Wow.... talk about crazy moments. So I'm in the garage spray *primering (not a word) our new corner entertainment center when I hear this buzzing electrical sound. Now mind you I've known about the box in my garage since we moved in.

Honestly, I thought it was broke and my husband just isn't the handy sort ( I know... right?) Well, I am... mostly.

Don't ya know, I start messing with this this morning and it works! Go figure! Here is the lovely picture of my now illuminated driveway.

Why am I so excited? It's just a light? Well, you don't live where I live then! Our development has NO street lights! That's right! NONE! It is pitch BLACK in our development once the sun sets and that's just stinking creepy!

So now I have it set to turn off at 8 a.m. What time does it turn on? I still have no idea on that one. :o)

Oh the small things that make me happy!

Oh and here is one more picture just to prove how dark it really was outside :o)

Yup! That's the moon! It was actually around 4:50ish in the morning. Hubs and my Bro had just left for a morning of hunting with my Father-in-law.

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