Monday, January 17, 2011

The Hideous Kitchen Floor and How Shaklee Helped It

I can't believe someone would actually choose my kitchen floor when building a house but they did. My house is only 14-15 years old (can't remember which year it was built) and the flooring chose is the same floor that was put into our old church building in the 40's. That should tell you something.

We have a pretty huge rectangular kitchen island but it was placed 1/2 way into the dining room. We have an open floor plan with a huge kitchen, a dining room section and then the living room section. The kitchen island was so far from the kitchen you could not actually use it while cooking. So... one day I was doing something and leaned against the kitchen island and it moved. is slid just a hair but I knew it now could move.

So... my husband and I moved it closer to the kitchen. Unfortunately, it had been in that spot since the house was built. After about 12 years of it being in the same spot it left a nasty residue or something on the linoleum tile. We tried EVERYTHING to get it up and nothing took it out.   If you look closely you can see the rectangle below and to the left of the blue broom at the top of the picture.  See the lovely green racing stripe? It makes a huge square in our kitchen. Why? Who knows.

We even took a butter knife to scrapping it off the night before our daughter's birthday party. That took off some of it but it looked horrible still. See the streaks?  That is where the residue did not come off.

So... my new favorite product (next to my first love my Basic H2) comes in the mail, my Scour Off .  I wanted to use it on my disgusting stove but the floor caught my eye first.

I grabbed my scour off and went a running. By the way, it smells like Twizzlers and I don't know why but I like the smell. I know, I'm strange.
I started on the heaviest and darkest spots. I let the scour off (the pink stuff) sit on the stain or residue for about 20 minutes. Then I came back with my favorite little scrubber and a clean bowl of water.

I dipped the brush in the water and started scrubbing over the scour off in circles and a few lines for decoration. Ha ha!
I dipped the brush in the water and rinsed it a few times. Then I sprayed the spot with my Basic H2 just to be sure :o)

Look at how gross my water looks. Emma said it looked like chocolate milk. Eeeewwww.

A little drying off with my microfiber cloth and this is what I have left. I haven't done the whole thing because it is about 2 feet by 4 feet spot but I am slowing working on it when I have time. Next thing to try my Scour Off on is the stove and microwave.

If you look you can see where we used the knife at the bottom. The lighter spot in the center is where the scour off took the stuff away.

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