Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Messy House: What it looks like when we DIY

My husband and I have been in full DIY / organization mode lately. We de-cluttered our cleaning supplies and Shaklee-ized our home with our new Shaklee Business. That really got us going!

We knew our house needed some TLC and that we had a project finish list a mile long.

We began working on the living room last month with picture molding HERE and since finishing that area we began to move it straight through to our kitchen. That isn't finished and we have a few things in the kitchen we started and didn't finish.

Plus... our carpets need replacing badly as you can tell from our House Goals 2011 post HERE.

We started shampooing carpets yesterday and moved EVERYTHING but the computer desk and our bed out of the bedroom. We put it all in our hallway and the one table is still there. We have been going through all the stuff that accumulates in our bedroom during a DIY project (ie... every day).  We like to keep the appearance of a neat and tidy home, as does everyone else. So... when we are hosting a get together we move whatever didn't get put away into our room. That is also where laundry goes while we sort and fold.

Luckily, for now, only my pajamas are left on the bed with a few hangers. See the lamp with no shade? My husband broke the lamp so now it barely works. The wall color I love (it looks like caramel icing) but we have no headboard and haven't decided what else to do with our room yet.

BEWARE: the pictures you are about to see were taken on a holiday for 2 public school teachers with 2 small children. :o)

This is first walking into our bedroom. My husband threw his shirt and socks from last night on the chair on top of the box of "stuff" I have yet to go through from last night's shampooing adventure.

Our computer desk isn't normally this messy and looks much better while I sit typing this but again we threw things to organize on top of it. The purple basket holds small things I need to go through while there are random cords we found in the room on top of the desk.

The girls are getting ready to watch Netflix on our Wii. The fire is going and they have toys and blankets EVERYWHERE. For some reason blankets are the toys the girls play with the most.

Here is what the couch looked like from the other angle. See all the blankets? I count at least 6 plus the monkey pillow, a stuffed cheetah, Eryn's coat and the Haba push car.

The kitchen island is the catch all for things we pulled out of our bedroom last night and trash. We have a trash closet near the garage door but we always hang plastic bags and gather all of that up first. So strange.

This is our 6 year old's room. For some reason she can't just get something to wear in the morning but she must try on at least 4 outfits first and then they get thrown on the floor. She has pajamas and a housecoat on the floor followed by a pile of toys and her church shoes from yesterday. The paint cans are mine. We just purchased paint to do the top 1/2 of her room. She is getting faux board and batten at the bottom.

Here is the 3 year old's room complete with 3 year old. She got this tent from my mother and father-in-law for Christmas (Emma has one too) and she loves to play in it. Yup, it's huge and it goes anywhere from her room to the living room. What you don't see? Toys and clothes laying on the larger rocking chair (you can see her small one in the picture).  She also likes to wear certain clothes and will strip in her room and change them herself. She has broken so many hangers it is ridiculous.

Well, there you have it! What our poor house looks like right now.

Will it look this bad tomorrow when we go back to school? Nope!

The plans for today include:

shampooing the carpets in the girls rooms, putting away toys and clothes in both rooms. Putting the tools in the kitchen away in the garage and doing about 4 loads of laundry. The blankets will get folded up and put away.

What will still look like this tomorrow:

The tent will still be up in Eryn's room. The paint will still be sitting in Emma's room (somewhere)

Otherwise the majority of it will be done today. That's my list anyway

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  1. I feel for ya! Unfortunately, it doesn't get any better with age. My 15 year old does the same thing with her clothes. I so need to do some carpet cleaning too. I just have to move the mess to get to them!

  2. Ha, love it!! There are plenty of spots in our home that's a catch all for anything. So annoying! Your home is looking lovely too with all of the trim work. I love me some molding. :) Thanks so much for linking up today!!



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